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Bentley Chiropractic Reviews

Contact Bentley ChiropracticWhat Our Farmington Patients Say

At Bentley Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Constipation & Stomach Pain

My son was suffering from severe constipation. Our medical doctor recommended surgery to put a tube in his stomach. After seeing [Dr.Bentley] my son is using the bathroom almost every day. He feels a lot better without much stomach cramping. This is a great place!!

-Stacey D.

Back Pain

My back was injured when I fell. My medical doctor recommended exercise and learning to live with the pain. Since starting chiropractic treatment, I have been able to enjoy sports and sitting for long periods of time. I take less medicine now and my asthma isn’t as bad anymore. Dr. Bentley is very kind and patient. He saved me and I have painless days!

-Tierra D

Car Wreck

I came in after a car wreck. I was taking prescribed medications. Since starting chiropractic treatment, my pain went from a 10 to a 5. I also hardly have headaches anymore. Dr. Bentley is a kind, caring doctor. We need all doctors to learn from this man!

-Randall C

Neck Pain and Sleep problems

I initially came into the office with neck pain, shoulder soreness and trouble sleeping. I had had these symptoms for four months. After being treated at Bentley Chiropractic, I have no pain in my neck, and am sleeping better. I can lift more and workout longer with no pain in my hip or bones. I have more energy and have seen a little weight loss. It is amazing. I am feeling better just in two and a half weeks of treatment on Spine-Med. I can play golf, work out and work at my job better with no pain. Thanks for everything!

-Leroy M

I Avoided surgery

I came in for treatment of back and knee pain. The orthopedic doctor want surgery but I refused. I didn’t want to take prescribed meds because I feared dependancy. With frequent adjustments, my pain is minimal. I can sleep the whole night without pain for the first time in fifteen years. I am now able to do most things, even though I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. Dr Bentley adjusts my back and i am okay for a while.

-Mary L

Better Quality of Life

I was initially treated for upper back pain that had been occurring for two years. I had used muscle relaxants with minimal and short lived results. Since starting chiropractic treatment I have improved movement and less pain. I have a better quality of life. Dr. Bentley has always listened to my concerns and made every effort to follow my progress. Excellent staff also. Thank you kindly. I will definitely refer to him!

-Brenda J

Pain Relief and Increased Mobility/Flexibility

I came in with neck, shoulder and lower back pain. I had previously consulted with a medical doctor and was using physical therapy, muscle relaxers and heavy doses of ibuprofen. I only saw temporary results that masked the problem! Since starting chiropractic treatment, I have had 90% relief in lower back and neck pain. Also, I have noticed increased mobility and flexibility. I am very pleased with the results after one month of treatment!

-Margie L

More Energy Less Pain

I came in hoping to find pain relief. I had been taking pain killer tablets and using deep heat. I starting feeling relief in the first two visits. I also noticed I had more energy and less pain. I would refer anyone anytime!

-John E

Injury From a Fall

I fell and later began having pain in my left leg and back. My medical doctor recommended chiropractic as the best treatment. After treatment my pains are gone. I have been feeling great and my pain hasn’t come back. I also have no more dizziness. I am feeling great without taking all kinds of medicines. Chiropractic is the best treatment!

-MaryAnn M

Life Long Back pain

I have had back problems since I was young. I initially sought treatment here for constant back and shoulder pain. I was having trouble walking, sitting and sleeping. Since treatment, I have felt so much better. I am not hurting everywhere, I have no headaches and more energy. THANK YOU!!

-Shari F

Constipation & Stomach Pain

I came to the office with neck pain from a car accident. I was initially afraid of adjustments. Now my neck isn’t hurting much and I have also noticed that I have fewer headaches. I also feel better overall. I am not afraid of the adjustment because it doesn’t feel like my neck is getting snapped!

-Brenda H

Stiff Neck and Headaches

I came in with a stiff neck and headaches. I had been seeing a medical doctor and neurosurgeon. They recommended pain injections. I opted ton to have injections. Since starting adjustments my headaches are gone and so is my stiff neck. I also noticed that my acid reflux has gone away too. After suffering for over a year with headaches and a stiff neck, I feel great. how wonderful to get up every morning PAIN FREE!

-Betty H


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