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Chronic Low Back Pain

I had chronic low back pain. I had seen a medical doctor and orthopedic surgeon. I received steroid injections and experienced temporary relief. Now I feel better and have more energy.

-Alice D

Car Accident

I was in a car accident and began seeing a chiropractor. I stopped treatment because of problems with that chiropractor. After a year, I learned of Bentley Chiropractic at a health fair. I was in excruciating pain Every Day. After receiving treatment here, I live my life with little to no pain and I wake up PAIN FREE. I also noticed I have more physical ability and more energy. Everyone in this office has been a great help. Dr. Bentley’s recommendations helped dramatically. My life quality has greatly improved since I have started here. I recommend this office to anyone who is having back problems.

-Michael W

Neck and Low Back Pain, Headaches

I had been in pain for 6 -7 years when I came into the office. I was taking 400-800 mg of Ibuprofen 2 – 3 times a day. After my first visit my headaches were gone and I felt real good. I also noticed that I had more focus and energy. Also more stability in my back and i could sleep all night without waking up. Dr. Bentley knows his stuff. I feel great.

-Sylvia P.

Basculitis and Arthritis

I was suffering from vasculitis in my feet and legs and general arthritis when I came to this office. I had been on medicine for this condition for over 6 years. Since receiving treatment my low back pain has ceased. I have relief in my shoulders from stiffness and more relief from the pain in my feet. I also noticed I have more energy, less night foot pain in improvement in my arthritis. I just feel better.

-Barbara B

Low Back Pain

I had had sharp, consistent lower back pain for one week before my first visit. After the first adjustment I experienced instant relief. Some pain continues, but the problem seems to be getting better with each visit. Obviously, chiropractic works! Now that I’m going regularly, I feel much better about my overall health.

-Darren V.

Back and Shoulder Pain

I had suffered from back and shoulder pain for years. I had seen a chiropractor 25 years before with excellent results. So when I saw a flier at work, I came into this office. Since coming here I have made excellent progress. I have regained upper body strength, reduced pain overall and especially in my back and shoulders. I have noticed that I also have more stamina, sleep better. I also have more energy in my body and mind–I am not tired all the time. I have also seen improvement in my depression. I have better recovery from strenuous activity and feel better about my health and spirit. I have 25 years of abusing my body without chiropractic. These results are beyond my expectations!!

-JoAnn A

Knee and Back Problems

I had been struggling with knee problems for 8 years. My back began hurting after the knee. I saw a medical doctor, orthopedic surgeon and a spine doctor. I was told I had a misplaced disc and bed rest was recommended. I was only taking Advil because the prescription medication had too many side effects to risk taking them. Since starting chiropractic treatment I can do more in less time and am a happier person. I can walk much better and have more energy. I am impressed with the way Dr. Bentley explains everything he does and why. The literature he gives helps you understand what he does. Thank you Dr. Bentley!

-Frances C

Bad Back

I came to the office with a bad back. I could hardly walk or sleep. I have had excellent results since starting chiropractic treatment. I am back to work every day now. I have also noticed a great increase in energy. I very highly recommend Dr. Bentley.

-Joseph M.

Shoulder Pain and Headaches

I started treatment because of a sore shoulder and occasional headaches. Since receiving treatment, the shoulder soreness is almost gone. Additionally, I feel more relaxed. Both my legs are now the same length. My lower back soreness is gone. I am going to keep myself healthy be seeing Doctor Bentley regularly.

-Tony M.

Limited Neck Movement

I sought treatment with Dr. Bentley for restricted neck movement. My medical doctor said it was degenerative bone disorder. I was taking Lortab and a muscle relaxer. Since starting chiropractic treatment I can move my neck and use may arm very well. I also noticed that I sleep better and have more energy. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Bentley to anyone who says anything about their back hurting!

-Levonia B.

Back Pain

I brought my daughter in to seek treatment for back pain. She fell two years previously and the pain began after that. We consulted a medical doctor and an orthopedic. They recommended physical therapy, exercise and Motrin. She received no relief and would cry during exercise. Since receiving chiropractic treatment she had relief from pain for the first time. It is easier for her to bend and move and she has no need for pain medicine. She is now more willing to participate in physical activities. Chiropractic intervention has improved the quality of my daughter’s life.

-Valerie D.

Lower Back Pain

I initially sought treatment for frequent low back pain, which had begun 28 years earlier. I had seen an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with an oversized lower vertebrae. I had been measured and fitted for a solid back brace. I was taking medication, which was no help. Since starting treatment, I have a lot less pain and more movement. I have also noticed that I have more energy and I can drive further without my back hurting. Additionally, the right side of my chest is now the same height as the left side. Before there was about an inch different.

-Michael F.


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